Sideboard – making some panels

Before I begin, I need to make some panels…

This is part of every project that I enjoy. It’s a great way to get into the groove.

I started (bottom, right side, and left side) first cutting all parts to rough length. Here you can see, I lack a saw bench. However, the step stool and upside down chair stool have been serving me well for a while.


The next step in this process for me is to flatten each board across it’s width. I am also checking, and adjusting, for wind if there is any. There’ my handy-dandy homemade winding sticks.


These Eastern White Pine boards were in the rough, and came to me significantly over 1″ thick. I removed a lot of wood off each board as there was a decent amount of cupping on every board. This cupping was no match for my #6 jack plane, which I have set up with a very aggressive radius. You might be able to make out the marks from that radius in the photo below. With this nice soft pine, I was able to hog off a ton of material in a short amount of time.


The shavings bucket was overflowing some.


From there, I cleaned up one side of each board that I was joining together to make the panels I needed. I purposely leave the other side as is. The reason I don’t flatten and true the other side? Economy of motion (I hope that’s the right saying). I would rather spend my time flattening and truing the entire panel, rather than each board individually…basically saving a step. There’s also another trick I use (using complementary angles to edge glue the boards of a panel together) which I will save for another blog post.


This is me stickering some panels while they wait for glue-up.


Here’s the bottom panel and one of the sides. I’m liking the way the grain of this pine is turning out.


The last thing I had to do to finish preparing these panels was to bring them to final finished dimension – which includes squaring them up. Glad I built that shooting board this winter…it came in handy. Here’s the panels – awaiting their dovetails.

IMG_4934 IMG_4935

Here’s some shop waste piling up. I’ve been to busy sawing and planing to make a run to the compost pile.


Next, I’ll see if I can get these puppies panels dovetailed…