Sideboard Layout

Layout is one of the hardest parts for me…

I spent a good portion of the day yesterday laying out parts for the sideboard. I worked through the entire stack, picking out the best fits for the project based upon grain, color, and wood movement potential. It deffinately helps to take the time now and mark everything out.


I don’t have a dedicated space for my shop. It’s part time shop – part time garage. Therefore, I spent a little extra time restacking the lumber pile in the order that the parts will be used. The boards selected for top and bottom mouldings, for example, are on the bottom of the pile. On top of the pile, are boards like that shown above – bottom & side – which I will use at the start of the project…constructing the carcase.

Glad this task is over…it was tedious, and required some serious brain power. It is becoming evident how invloved this project will be.

IMG_4765 IMG_4762

Now I am tired, but excited to start making some cuts.






Eastern White Pine Sideboard Kick-off

Feels good to kick-off another project…

Here’s a pic of the design. Clicking on the link will take you to my Sketchup Models page. From there, a click on the pic will take you to the 3D Warehouse in case you would like to download the model.


The carcase is constructed with dovetails at the bottom and at the top where it joins a web-frame. There is a second (lower) web-frame that supports the drawers, and also serves to create a division between the drawers and the lower cabinets. There’s also a divider panel that separates the two lower cabinets.

The doors are basic frame and panel construction. They will feature mortise and tenon joinery with a floating panel. The drawers are constructed with half blind dovetails at the front and through dovetails at the back. The “panel” for the bottom of the drawer will float, allowing for wood expansion at the back of the drawer.

I am going to attempt to make my own moulding for the top and bottom moulding on this project. I came up with something for the model, but that design is not yet set in stone. Actually, anything at this point is fair game…I usually make some changes as I work my way through the build.

As I mentioned in the previous post, all the exterior portions of the sideboard (except for the back panels) will feature eastern white pine. All interior portions will be constructed with poplar…the back panels will be poplar as well. The poplar is going to save me some cash, and should wear better on those drawers over time.

Can’t wait to get started…


Lumber run

A took a day off work last week to make a trip to the local lumber yard…

I’m gearing up for my next big project (6′ sideboard). It’s pretty exciting for me as I haven’t really been in the game lately.

The design process usually takes a good amount of time for me, and that’s where I am right now. The design is in it’s final stages, just working out all the fine details (joinery). I should be finished with the design soon. Once finished, I’ll post it and include a link to the 3D Warehouse like usual. The sideboard will feature both drawers and doors, and should end up somewhere around 100 bf of lumber.

The photos below depict all the lumber I should need for the project. There’s about 50bf of Eastern White Pine on the top of the pile, which is intended as the primary wood for the project. On the bottom of the pile, there is about 70 bf of Poplar intended to be used as a secondary wood for all the internal structures.

The lumber is just stacked for now, but it will be stickered once I start to surface it. Right now, everything is in the rough.

IMG_4683 IMG_4680

This was my first trip to this particular lumber yard. The verdict is still out; I’ll have to see how the wood works. The guys out in the yard were very helpful. One of them brought me to the stack of Eastern White Pine and helped me located the boards I was looking for. He then pulled down the stacks with the fork lift and helped me sort through the stacks, board by board, until I found some 16 footers that would work. He then offered to cut them in half so they would fit into my van…I thought this was pretty good service. So, I’ll see how things go with this new supplier over the next few projects. If all is good, perhaps I’ll feature a post on them.

Stayed tuned for the new project design…