Plate Rack – molding…paint…shellac…done!

Might as well just cram it all in, because I’m done…


I went with a simple round-over for the bottom molding. It anchors the base just enough, and it gives the plate rack the ability to stand on it’s own…if it were not hung on the wall. The top is a fairly small crown, which is perfect for this size project. I am not sure how to describe the crown…it is like a large cove that rounds over into a smaller cove. Whatever it’s called, it came out perfect.

20131125-203714.jpg 20131125-203649.jpg

I prepped the back bead boards with some shellac I whipped up. It’s really dry this time a year. As a result, I was able to apply 5 coats in one evening. After a couple of days of curing, I rubbed out the shellac with 0000 steel wool. Then I applied some butcher’s wax and buffed to a shine.

The rest of the plate rack was intended to be painted. Yes, I will be covering up all that beautiful hard maple..including my hand-cut, half-blind, dovetails. I was a little disappointed, until I saw the results.

20131125-203810.jpg 20131125-203843.jpg 20131125-203932.jpg

This was a fun little project. See you next time…



Plate rack shelf and back

Get that router plane again…and get the tongue cutter too…

The shelf that holds the second set of plates is set in a standard dado. My plan of attack is standard as well:

mark with knife
saw side walls
chisel out waste
clean up with router plane

It was a little bit of a tight fit. To ease the fit, I planed down the end of the shelf with the No 3 smoother…perfect.

Before gluing the shelf in place, I cleaned up some tools marks with a scraper.

Then I started work on the back. I used the tongue cutting blade to make all those tongues. Then, all the tongues got a bead from the beading plane.

Here’s a look-see.







Looking good. I think it is time for some moulding.

– JR

The plate rack problem solver

I had to call on another new tool…

I needed to cut a 1/4″ groove in the bottom before gluing the carcase. Well, I guess I got a little ahead if myself. I glued up the carcase without plowing the groove.

I started to cut the groove with a chisel. After some frustration, I called on the problem solver…A.K.A the Veritas router plane.



It is such a dream to use. I was able to cut the groove in no time. With the fence and bullnose configuration, it really was too easy.