Plate rack joinery begins

On with the joinery…

After planing the hard maple , and gaining a couple of inches on my biceps in the process, I did some grooving.

Oh, BTW, there’s a trick to planing hard maple…eat your Wheaties!

Anyways….the grooves to accept the back ends are made with the plow. I set it up with a 1/4″ blade and set the fence in 1/2″ to receive the offset tongue on the back. It’s fairly straight forward…used the plow before…such a great tool.




Next I dovetailed the four corners of the carcase. I decided to make them half blind dovetails. I wanted to have the sides clear of end grain because I think this project will be painted. I also have never cut half blinds before, and I am always looking to improve/learn some skills.

I am more than happy with the results. There is only one of the joints I might consider too loose. If after glue-up I still don’t like it, I think I might add some wedges.



Here’s how it looks so far…just a lonely carcase. Next up: I have to add some grooves for the plates, and cut a dado for the shelf.


– JR