Best shop floor ever

I hired out some help to improve the shop floor…

Forget about wood, or some kind of fancy man-made product. This is by far the best treatment for your shop.

I just have to remember to not sweep. Oh, and I’m not allowed to park my car here anymore…according to the flooring installer.




– JR


Plate rack layout

I started breaking down some maple…


I first set out to examine all the boards, marking out all the defects.


Then I spent a good deal of time mapping out parts based upon grain direction. This maple is very clear, so I was mostly looking for straight grain where I plan on using the moulding plane.

I got all the parts marked out and called it a night.


– JR

Plate Rack Kick-off

The bidding is over and a new client project has been selected…

OK, It’s really not like that…I just build what I am told.

plate rack

You can download the model if you like from the 3D Warehouse via my Sketchup page.

The project will feature the following construction: half blind dovetails for the sides, top, and bottom; beaded tongue and groove back; base and cove moulding.

Everything will be constructed out of hard white maple.

Stay tuned…


Let’s go beading

eBay is my new friend…

I picked this puppy up for my next project that will feature a tongue and groove beaded back. It makes a nice 1/4″ side bead, which should add some subtle detail to the project and future projects.

The plane is in great shape for its age. I sharpened the iron and started cutting beads in no time. Most likely I will replace the blade with a new one in the future, but for now I got it working really good.

Other than that the sole is on good shape, as is the wedge. There is a little bit of chip out on the boxed wood for the quirk, but didn’t seem to affect the cut.

Awesome find!

– JR