Get a handle on your Gramercy bow saw

If this ever happens to you, please read on…

I have been using my Gramercy bow saw for a few months now…I had made about five or six cuts at the time of the incident. The handle was always a little questionable since I had the saw, and I blogged about that here.

Basically, the handle that you hold when cutting always seemed like it wanted to move. At first I thought it was just me…this is my first bow saw, so I have no reference to what I should be feeling. Well, I should have listened to my gut, because the handle finally did let go. Right in the middle of a long sweeping cut, the handle just spun in my hand.

You can read for yourself on the Tools For Working Wood website how much research they put into this saw…and especially the pains they went to for attaching the handle to the pins. It sounds like they have it covered and the thing should never break loose. Here is what they state on the website:

Gluing the hardware into the handle is simple enough, but brass doesn’t readily stick to glue. So, our ultimate solution was to cut some grooves in the shaft and then file a single flat. When the glue hardens in the handle, it catches in the grooves to prevent pulling out. Glue on the flat prevents the brass from turning in the wood. With the tension on the blade taken firmly by the brass shoulder, the glue doesn’t even have to be very strong.

Well, apparently the glue does have to be strong…because I broke it. You can see in the photos the epoxy never took hold of the wood handle.

What to do?

I decided to put my energy into fixing the handle. I am a woodworker. Therefore, I pulled out the old gorilla glue and a couple of hours later I was back cutting curves again.

So if it happens to you, now you know what to do.

– JR