Chiffonier shelf mortise & tenons

I’ve now had my fair share of mortise & tenon practice for the year…

Each cross piece has two tenons which join to the panels via through mortises. I have yet to decide if the tenons will stand proud of the panel stiles, or if they should be flush. So for now, I cut them a little long.

As usual, I cut all the mortises first. I used my 1/4″ English mortise chisel to chop em out. I went halfway through on one side, and flipped the stile over to finish the mortise. I spent a good deal of time marking out the mortises, which prevented any tear-out when chopping.

For the tenons, I started with the bottom shelf cross pieces. These are fairly wide boards so I used the same technique I used for the tenons on the top of the panels. I cut out the tenons and trimmed to fit each mortise. After the first four I really got into a groove and started knocking them out.

Next I knocked out the top cross pieces for the top shelf.

I was quite pleased as everything lined up on the test fit.

– JR