Chiffonier – fitting the mirror


The frame for the mirror goes together the same as the panel…

The only difference on this frame is the mirror sits in a rebate instead of a groove. Originally, I was planning on setting the mirror in a groove. However, then I thought about replacement of the mirror in case it ever should break.

Adding a series of rebates allows the mirror to be replaceable. The mirror sits on the first rebate, followed by an air gap, then a thin panel is attached to the second rebate.




Those white squares are foam pieces to help create the air gap.

I had the mirror cut from a local glass shoppe. I got to step into their shop, which was pretty cool. At the time I had stopped by, they were replacing the glass on antique door. I got to watch the process as they cut the mirror for me.


Pretty good fit.

Next, I think I’ll move onto making the cross pieces for the two shelves.

– JR