Chiffonier mortise and tenons

The bones are coming together…

I spent some more time grooving the rails and the other stiles.


Next, I set my marking gauge to the width of the groove, and marked out for the tenons on the rails. Cutting the tenon on the smaller rail was fairly easy…just a little bit of cleanup to get a good fit.


The larger rails were a different story. They are a little more complicated. This rail consists of two tenons with a stub tenon in between, and a haunch at each end. Getting all this to line up and fit took more cleanup than I had wanted. The hardest part was cutting the shoulders of this larger rail. At this point in the project, the rails are 12″ wide. Cutting a straight and square 12″ shoulder is quite difficult. A couple of times, the saw jumped out of my cut line and scarred the face…but a little clean up later will fix that. In addition, I don’t have a shoulder plane to correct an off-square cut…so it took me a while with the chisel.


In the end though, I had good fitting tenons.


Next up is the panel for this frame…

– JR