I spit out my lunch

Ok…this is an exageration, but if I had been eating at the time I would have…

Today on lunch I was reading The Anarchist’s Tool Chest and I came across a passage that struck me. The passage is talking about assembly of the sawtill to hold your saws within the chest…

“I use this space for holding saw-files, my sawset and my saw jointer. If you don’t sharpen your own saws, you can keep your weed down there.” pg. 435

This last sentence, which provides a glimpse into where the author gets his writing influence, completely caught me off-guard. I had to read it back a couple of times.

What makes it a little crazy to me is the fact that he just keeps writing as if nothing has been said. Usually when Chris Schwarz jokes in his writing he follows up on it to bring it further to your attention. Not here…he is more nonchalant.

Is it possible this was general practice (where you put your weed) back in the 17th-18th century?

– JR