Google SketchUp for Woodworkers

I recommended to start with the Harwood podcast for Google SketchUp here

Once you get to that point, or maybe you already are, think about reading Fine Woodworking’s ‘Google SketchUp for Woodworkers’. It should take your skills in this program to a higher level.

I flew through the first 10 chapters of the book. If you watched all the Harwood podcasts, you should be able to do the same. After this point in the book, you begin to pick up some extra skills…or a different way to apply them. As an example, there is a nice section on designing a cabriole leg. Using the technique described in this book would save me a few steps.

There are a few more techniques that can speed things up a lot. However, they are techniques that I would use only on occasion, which makes it difficult to remember. Therefore, I would be spending time going back to the book…so for me, not really beneficial.

If you are into using cabriole legs and some of the others techniques in the book, such as intricate turnings and creating shop drawings, the book should benefit you. I would still start with the Harwood podcast…it has given me everything I need for the projects I build.

I received my copy from a friend. You could do the same, check the library, or just flat-out purchase it.

– JR