Get Into Woodworking

Get into woodworking

In light of ‘get into woodworking week’, this morning my son said something that brought a lot of joy to my heart.

He was working on his little mechanics set…taking apart and putting back together a small race car.

He told me that he was practicing on his car with his tools so that when he gets bigger, he will be able to do woodwork.

How awesome is that!

I have never pushed him into woodworking at all. I just allow him to come into my shop to see what I am working on. He came to this conclusion all on his own.



2 thoughts on “Get Into Woodworking

  1. Jason, that is so cool what Luke said! I’m sure he will be working along side of you in the years to come! Mom

  2. You have to feel really good about his comments. After all, kids follow examples rather than words. Looks like time spent in the shop is a good example!

    He’ll be great at anything he tries.

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