Nightstand Part 6 [Finale]

The crown moulding has been applied, and the project has come to an end…

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If you remember from the last post (part 5), I had set aside the cut-offs from ripping the base moulding. I had three pieces of length that I needed. Each piece had a square and straight reference face, which I ran through the cove router bit that I had used for the base moulding.

After that, I just ripped all of them to final width and cleaned them up with my block plane. I showed them to the case and marked them for their mitres. I attached the front piece first and then the sides. The cuts were perfect and the sides of the case were square, so there was no adjustment needed. I trimmed the crown flush with the back of the case, just as I had done with the base moulding.

Now I am in a weird place…

I am stuck in the let down of having just finished a piece of furniture, where it comes to an end and you will never work on it again…but, I am also stuck in the up swing of having completed a beautiful, useful piece of furniture. It happens every time I finish a project…as I said it is a little weird. After I start the next project these feelings of let down will fade, and I will be left with a strong sense of accomplishment.

What will that next project be?

Stay tuned…it will be good…it is a fairly hot topic in the woodworking community.

– JR