Thanksgiving cold remedies for woodworkers

Remedies for a Thanksgiving cold virus…

This week a cold virus swept through the family, hitting both of my sons and now me. Just in time for my favorite holiday of the year…Thanksgiving!

My biggest fear is not being able to taste all those wonderful flavors.

It also put me on the woodworking disabled list. It is very hard to work when you have to stop and drain the sniffer every couple of minutes. You also don’t want to get any of that stuff on your project or your tools…ewe.

I came up with a few remedies:

 1. jam some super-fine plane shavings up there and pack them in
 2. inhale a small pile of saw dust to help absorb all that moisture and really dry things out
 3. make yourself some wood plugs to fit your nostril size

…OK, don’t try these at home kids…they don’t work, and they will likely lead to other problems. I’m still working on getting one of those plane shavings out.

…now that I think about it…number three might be feasible, and reusable?

Happy Thanksgiving!

– JR


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