Nightstand Part 3

Looks like I’m back on track now…

Last night I managed to prep and glue up the top for the nightstand. It went fairly quick as my boards were fairly flat without any twist. I basically just had to clean them up. I’m a little amazed at how flat they have stayed for 8 months in my in-laws garage.

The hardest part for the top glue-up, and any glue-up for me, is always closing the joint line between the boards. I don’t have much of a problem with jointing square…my problem is jointing flat down the length of the board. I either end up with a gap in the middle, or at both ends…usually at both ends. I seem to focus too much pressure on the beginning and ends of the board.

On this glue-up, I used my low angle jack plane and the match plane method that I picked up from Logan Cabinet Shoppe. By the way, if you haven’t, you should watch and read everything Bob puts out there.

The match plane method worked great. It took me a couple of tries to get a good glue joint, but that was only because of my issue with jointing flat. This is an improvement for me…usually I would spend multiple tries to get a good joint. I think I am starting to get the feel for it now.

Next up…planing the top flat and cutting to final size.

I included a slide show of the glue-up. You don’t see photos of glue-ups to often, but for me it’s one of the important parts of the project. If your glue joints fail, or have gaps, it ain’t pretty.

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– JR