Favorite Woodworkers

Here’s a short list:

Jesus – the most important and most influencing woodworker in my life. He is the reason for everything that I am. He is with me on every project. If you need his help, you just have to ask.

Norm- no last name is needed here either. He is the icon of the modern age of woodworking. Without Norm, I am not sure how evolved the craft would be today, nor how well the power tool market would be. I don’t think there could ever be a replacement that affected so many like Norm has. I personally bought tools that I saw him use that are still in like new condition because they never come out of the case but once a year.

The Schwarz – truly the current go-to-guy for Woodworkers thirsting for true knowledge of old school woodworking. His knowledge, and that ability to convey that knowledge to his followers is amazing. He doesn’t just spit out the knowledge, he performs the necessary research first, and then passes on all that much-needed information. He realizes that in order to truly master the craft, one has to fully understand the craft. Memorizing or practicing a technique ‘because this person said it’s the way to do it’ will never truly enhance your existence in the craft because there is no understanding to why you do this or that…like go out and buy power tools you’ll never use. There needs to be a foundation to build upon, and Chris Schwarz will help you build a sound foundation.

Matt &Marc – these guys are the kings of the online woodworking community. They have picked up the torch from Norm of combining entertainment and woodworking know-how, and their place on the internet allows them to spread the good word about woodworking to the entire world. They have created a substantial network of Woodworkers in a community that really helps all levels of Woodworkers to increase their knowledge of the craft. After a while you begin to feel like they are one of your close friends.

– JR