Intro to the VCF

My passion with woodworking began when I caught my first episode of The New Yankee Workshop. I think I must have been around 9 or 10.

I would wake up every Saturday morning to try to catch Norm instead of cartoons. Not to mention fighting my sister for the t.v. This was back before we had a t.v. with a remote…so we literally fought over the t.v., not just the remote. There’s nothing like watching Norm assemble a joint while you’re pinning your sister down to the living room carpet.

From there I went to building all kinds of stuff with my Uncle and “old man” John. John taught us both a lot…he was a former builder.

Then came the Internet. The flood gates of knowledge flew open, and that was the end of me. I was hooked for life. Not a day goes by without thinking about the craft.

I started my first real project at my in-laws garage. After four years of apartment living, we got our first house. Then I set up shop for real. That opened the door for more tools, and more serious projects…a few of which I plan on posting here in more detail.

Unfortunate to my woodworking passion, now I am back at the in-laws. We sold our home and are waiting to move into the new one. On the benefit side of things, although I was in the middle of building a nightstand, it’s a nice break from the shop and gives me the opportunity to start this blog.

Hopefully there will be many posts to follow this one. I have a ton of ideas running around in my head.